The ISA Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course is a minimum length of One Full Training and Assessment Day. Depending on the knowledge, skills and experience of participants, the Course may be conducted over two or more days. Generally, it is to be conducted over a 2 day period
It is for use in conjunction with ISA Instructing Courses to meet the Ocean Rescue Award requirement of ISA accreditation. When successfully completed, this course enables the holder, once all other requirements are met, to apply for ISA Instructing Accreditation. Please note that there may be other local jurisdiction requirements where further training and additional qualifications may be necessary. Knowing and understanding any local jurisdictional requirements is the responsibility of each individual ISA Instructor.
The ISA Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course Certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of completion at which time a participant must complete a Proficiency Assessment to update any changes in techniques and skills and demonstrate continued proficiency in all knowledge, skills and techniques required.
Please note that the First Aid component of this course is only an overview and basic introduction to First Aid. It is highly recommended that all ISA qualified Surf and SUP Instructors are holders of a formal First Aid qualification.

Course Components
The ISA Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course includes theory and practical components as well as group discussions and group activities.
The theory components are delivered by a PowerPoint Presentation and Participant Workbook.
The practical components include basic water/surf skills, completing patient rescues using a board, performing basic first aid, performing basic CPR and emergency care techniques and successfully completing a basic fitness test.
There will be a different fitness test for Surf Instructors and Flat Water Instructors.

Course Pre-Requisites
– All participants must be a minimum of 15 years of age. Please note that the minimum age for ISA Level 1 Instructors is 16 and there may be local jurisdiction requirements and age limits that differ from this
– Prior to attending a course, participants must have completed a timed swim of 200m completed in under 5 minutes in a pool no shorter than 25m. This must have been witnessed and completion certificate signed by a Pool Manager, Qualified Swim Coach, ISA Course Organiser or ISA Course Presenter