ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor

The ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor is a huge step in content, techniques and principles. It is ideally suited for those passionate about instructing and coaching athletes and really working with your athletes to help them be the best they can be. It gives the ground work and principles to coaches and instructors to enable them to confidently and competently work with surfers who are at a much higher standard and level than the entry beginner level. The athletes targeted are high intermediate and above, and often are competitive surfers wanting to improve their contest performances and improve their potential results. It will allow the instructor/coach to work at a much higher performance level with much higher ability surfers.

The major prerequisite is that the Instructor has held their ISA or Surfing Australia Level 1 Surf Instructor qualification for a minimum of 12 months and been active in coaching over that time period. This ensures that they understand the basic instructing principles to enable them to grasp the much more in depth content and principles covered in the Level 2 Material and be able to put it into practice.

The aim of of the Level 2 Course is to

  • Development coaches that can work with athletes of novice to intermediate and above ability to optimise their performance
  • Increase the confidence of coaches to assist their surfers
  • Provide the ability for coaches to create a structured development program
  • Provide coaches with the instructional tools required to obtain desired outcomes for their athletes

The content of the ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor course includes topics such as

  • Training Surfers – a Holostic Approach
  • Planning
  • Understanding the Judging Criteria
  • Risk Management
  • Principles of Training
  • Elements of Fitness Training
  • Balance and Force in Surfing
  • Fundamental Movements in Surfing
  • Movement Patterns in Core Manoeuvres
  • Common Errors

The requirements for an Instructor to become a qualified ISA Level 2 Instructor are

  • Attend the 3 Day ISA Level 2 Course
  • Demonstrate intermediate surfing skills
  • Complete 40 hours of practical coaching with the coaching assignment that ideally is a progressive periodised program for developing surfers (not beginner and entry level surfers) in line with the new principles and techniques learnt in the course.
  • Maintain and submit a coaching diary for the 40 hours squad training
  • Complete the final online assessment and competencies

Once all these are successfully completed and subject to the candidate still being proficient in their ocean rescue qualification, they will be upgraded to the ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor and the Instructor Register amended to reflect this.