Lifeguard Qualifications

For locations needing Lifeguards and personnel trained in Lifeguard Qualifications, we can deliver lifeguard and life saving courses that are recognised internationally. We have partnered with the NSW Surf Life Saving Academy in Australia to have the authority to run Surf Life Saving Australia courses. Surf Life Saving Australia is universally renowned as a leader, if not the industry leader, in surf life saving training and beach safety.

We will train personnel to international best standards to be professionally equipped and trained to be Lifeguards. Whether this is a Beach Surf Lifeguard, a Pool Lifeguard, Flat Water Lifeguard or Lifeguard of another aquatic environment, we will train personnel to be able to rescue and provide first aid and emergency care when required but more importantly train personnel to understand dangers and risks, understand signs of trouble and be proactive in preventing incidents in the beginning.

The Qualification Courses that we can provide include

  • SLSA Bronze Medallion
  • SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate
  • SLSA components specific to Pool and Flat Water locations
  • ISA/ILS Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course

We can also tailor programs and training to meet specific requirements of a location using professional resources. This enables our training to meet specific needs of various groups whether it is for building personal water skills or for professional industry recognised training.

Another vital component of ensuring a safe location is an appropriate Beach Management Plan or Location Management Plan. This is another area in which we are able to assist with either providing support in the development of a Plan or structuring a complete plan. As part of these Management Plans will be correct equipment which we can assist in sourcing for locations.