Jamo Borthwick

 Jamo Borthwick

Below is some basic information on the experience and qualifications 


Surf Specific Background

  • I am the main International Presenter for the International Surfing Association (ISA) (the international governing body of surfing) for training new Level 1 and Level 2 Surf Instructors, SUP Instructors and Judges as well as training and mentoring new presenters to be able to run these courses in their country. I also assist in the development of the surfing industry in countries new to our sport. I have presented courses in and assisted a large number of countries including
    • Bali – I run the Bali ISA Surf Instructor Symposium where we run ISA Level 1, Level 2, Flatwater SUP, Surf SUP and Openwater SUP Surf Instructor Courses, trained and mentored new ISA Course Presenters and trained and mentored the local life guard service in running the ISA Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course. We also run our ISD Foil Instructor Course in Bali
    • Taiwan – Since 2010, I have run numerous ISA Level 1 and ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor Courses, ISA Flat Water SUP Instructor, ISA Surf SUP Instructor, ISA Open Water Instructor and Judging Courses as well as the ISA ILS Surf and SUP Instructor Rescue Course. I assisted them with the move to becoming a professional industry, setting up their National Governing Body, Chinese Taipei Surfing Association and consulting with them on ideas to moving forward and progressing
    • India with ISA Level 1 and Level 2 Surf Instructor Courses, ISA Flatwater SUP Instructor and ISA Judge courses as well as the ISA ILS Instructor Surf Rescue Course.
    • Italy with ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor Courses and the ISA ILS Surf and SUP Instructor Rescue Course
    • Korea – with ISA Level 1 and Level 2 Surf Instructor Courses, ISA SUP Instructor Courses as well as ISA Judge Courses
    • China with ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor and SUP Instructor Courses, ISA/ILS Instructor Aquatic Rescue Course and Surf Rescue Training
    • Hong Kong with ISA Level 1 Flat Water SUP Instructor
    • United Kingdom with an ISA Level 2 Instructor Course and mentoring new ISA Level 2 Course Presenters
    • Chile with an ISA Level 2 Instructor Course and mentoring new ISA Level 2 Course Presenters
    • Peru with an ISA Level 2 Instructor Course and mentoring new ISA Level 2 Course Presenters
    • Costa Rica with an ISA Level 2 Instructor Course and mentoring new ISA Level 2 Course Presenters
    • Facilitated and assisted with the assessment and accrediting of Italian ISA Level 2 from a prior course
    • Sweden assisting with SUP Instructor Training and mentoring a new Swedish ISA Presenter
    • I have also run a number of Surfing Australia Surf Instructor Courses in Australia and mentored countless new instructors
  • I was a Guest Presenter asked by the Chinese Wanning Government to speak and present at a Government Conference on developing surfing in one of their provinces
  • I am an advisor to or on the Board of Directors for a number of Surfing NGB’s including the Korean Surfing Association, the Surfing Federation of India, The Chinese Taipei Surfing Association and formerly on the board of the Surfing Association of PNG
  • I wrote the ISA Aquatic Rescue and Safety Course which is a new ISA Course to be added to the ISA Coaching and Instructing Program and is in the process of being co-branded with the International Life Saving Federation (the international governing body of lifesaving) for international recognition
  • Owner and Director of Walkin’ on Water Surf School, Greenmount Beach Coolangatta. This is a licensed Surfing Australia, Surfing Queensland Surf School and a registered Surf School with the International Surfing Association (ISA) and is the only fully licensed and registered surf school in Coolangatta. We teach, instruct and coach all levels of surfer from entry level to advanced in group and private lessons
  • Co-owner of Indica Surf School in India. We teach, instruct and coach all levels of surfer from entry level to those more advance in group and private lessons. We have new surf school locations in the process of being opened. We also offer a mulitude of other aquatic activities like SUP, foiling, kayaking, prone paddling and surf skills.
  • Co-owner of Aquatic Indica where we offer professional Lifeguard Training, international lifeguard qualifications, ISD aquatic safety courses. We also offer beach management services, supply aquatic sports and safety equipment and consult on the aquatic industry to ensure safe, sustainable and efficient development and growth
  • Director of the Academy of Surf. This business is focussed on Surf Club training and coaching in surf sports and surf education through SLSA qualifications. I train and assess lifeguards, lifesavers and the general public in aquatic safety, aquatic rescue and emergency care. We are a licensed provider of SLSA Courses in Queensland as well as provide surf rescue and lifesaving training as well as surf sports coaching in other countries throughout the world
  • Southern Cross University Lecturer in the School of Health and Human Sciences for Surfing Technology and Skills
  • Head Coach of Team Tawian (Chinese Taipei) at a number of competitions including at the 2017 ISA World Junior Championships in Hyuga Japan and the ISA Longboard World Championships in Hainan, China
  • In early 2016, I was appointed Head Coach of Team Italia with another coach appointed to Assistant Coach by FISURF, then the National Governing Body of Surfing in Italy. After the announcement of Surfing into the 2020 Olympics, in late 2016 the Italian Olympic Committee then disbanded FISURF and took away its right of Italian NGB and cancelled all appointments putting surfing under the Italian Waterski Federation.
  • Coach of the CTSA (Chinese Taipei Surfing Association) Junior Surf Development Squad
  • Coach of the CTSA (Chinese Taipei Surfing Association) Junior SUP Racing Development Squad
  • Head Coach of a local surfing squad and of the Currumbin Vikings SLSC Boardriders in Australia
  • Head Coach of a local squad of athletes in Mangalore, India
  • Coach of many individual athletes located around the world assisting them through either face to face or remotely with their surfing
  • Together with another coach, we run Surf Training Camps in Europe for intermediate to advanced surfers
  • In collaboration with another company, we offer surf camps in Bali
  • Former Head of the PNG Surfing Development Programs, in association with the Surfing Association of PNG Inc working in surf coaching, coach training and development, training of surf rescue and surf life saving techniques and developing, educating and training internationally recognised Surf Lifeguards
  • Former Head Coach for the Surfing Association of PNG
  • Queensland Coach for the Surfing Australia High Performance U16 Mark Richards Surf Camps in 2009 and 2010 which is the elite Surfing Australia Camp for the top 24 U16 Surfers from around Australia
  • Coached with Phil McNamara, the Surfing Queensland High Performance coach with his various squads and athletes
  • Water Coach of the 2012/13 Point Danger Representative Team
  • Head Coach of Tallebudgera Surf Life Saving Club 2013/14
  • Head Coach of Rainbow Bay Surf Life Saving Club 2009/10
  • Head Coach of Brunswick SLSC 2008/09 ~ primarily devoted to building the Club and training program beginning with the Juniors, which resulted in training numbers and competitor numbers ballooning from previous tiny numbers to having a regular training crew of around 40 members and gaining extremely successful results in a single season of training
  • Head Coach of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta SLSC from 2006 – May 2008. This involved overseeing the whole Clubs program including the Junior Activities programs but the major time was spent implementing and building a board paddling, ski paddling, iron training and surf boat program.
  • Queensland Coach at the combined Gold Coast and Hunter High Performance Team Camp in 2007/08 (SLSA)
  • Together with SLSQ, initiated and was the coach of the Gold Coast Junior Elite Development Squad in 2007/08
  • Coached a number of Super Surf Camps with SLSA’s National High Performance Team Head Coach, Brett Dowker, through the 2007/08 and 08/09 Seasons
  • Facilitate, Train, Present and Assess SLSA Courses to the Public, School and University groups as well as the Surf Club Community
  • Facilitate, Train, Present and Assess SLSA Courses to the Currumbin Surf Club and other Surf Club Members
  • Co-Presented First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation and Defibrillation Courses within SLSQ Point Danger Branch

Current Qualifications

 Surfing Australia Level 2 Surf Instructor

 International Surfing Association (ISA) Level 2 Surf Instructor

 ISA Surf SUP Instructor

 ISA Flat Water SUP Instructor

 ISA Open Water SUP Instructor

 ISA Level 1 Judge

 ISA ILS Surf and SUP Instructor Aquatic Rescue and Safety Qualfication

 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

 Level 2 Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) Surf (Board Paddling) Coach

 Level 2 SLSA Surf (Ski) Coach

 Level 2 SLSA Surf (Boaties) Coach

 Level 3 Rowing Australia Rowing Coach

 Level 1 SLSA Surf (Boardriding) Coach

 Level 1 SLSA Surf (Beach) Coach

 Level 1 Australian Track and Field Association Track and Field Coach

 Certificate IV in Fitness – Personal Trainer

 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training – Fitness

 Level 2 Coaching Principles

 Level 2 APSI Ski Instructor (Snow)

 Level 1 Australian Rugby Rugby Union Coach

 Diploma of Remedial Massage

 Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training – SLSA

 Training Officers Certificate

 SLSA Training Officer Surf Rescue

 SLSA Training Officer Bronze Medallion

 SLSA Training Officer Resuscitation

 SLSA Assessor Bronze Medallion

 SLSA Assessor Resuscitation

 SLSA Facilitator

 Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue)

 SLSA Bronze Medallion

 SLSA Silver Medallion

 Certificate III in Public Safety (Aquatic Search and Rescue) competed Units

 Administer Oxygen in an Emergency Situation

 Operate a Semi Automatic Defibrillator in an Emergency Situation

 Provide Emergency Care

 Manage Injuries at an Emergency Incident

 Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response competed Units

 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support

 Perform CPR

 Apply First Aid

 SLSA Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management Award

 Senior First Aid Certificate

 Advanced First Aid Certificate

 Advanced Resuscitation Techniques

 Low Voltage / Switchboard Rescue

 Fitness Leader

 Fitness Instructor

 Certificates of Attainment

 Advanced Resistance Training

 SwissBall Instructors Certificate

 Advanced Aerobic Conditioning

 Nutrition and Weight Management

 Swedish Massage

 Remedial Massage

 Anatomy and Physiology

 Deep Tissue Techniques (Sports Massage) Level 1

 Certificate of Attendance

 Heart Zone Training Seminar

 Advance Sports Conditioning and Core Stability

 Bigger Stronger Faster – Rugby Union and Rugby League – Theory and Practical Components

Supplementary Experience

 Proprietor of Hyperform ~ a sports coaching and personal training business. This included having the lease of an exclusive Private School gym where components of the lease included general supervision, basic maintenance and repair of equipment and strength and conditioning programmes being written, instructed and implemented for the students. It also included Fitness Testing and Assessment of athletes, for an Anti Aging Medical Clinic and the general public

 Former Head Coach of a masters rowing club which included World Masters Championship medallists including gold medals

 Former Head Coach of a Schoolboy Track and Field Team

 Former Head Coach of a Schoolboy Junior Rowing Boat Shed (quads, doubles and single sculls) and coach of 1st, 2nd and 3rd IVs in Senior Shed

 Former Strength and Conditioning Trainer for the elite squad of the Eastern Edge Swim Club. Following my work with these swimmers, we had athletes swimming in National Age Finals, becoming National Age medallists, breaking State records and making National Age Touring teams

 Former Presenter to NSW Swimming State Age Development Squad – I ran and presented sessions focusing on explosive power and strength for swimmers in the Development Squad but also for other Club and State coaches to watch, get some ideas to use in their own training and conditioning of their own athletes and squad members.

 Former Presenter of the Fitness and Conditioning Component for NSW Netball at their coach and referees camps and courses for netball specific fitness

 Training of various sports athletes to achieve a higher performance in their chosen sport in pursuit of specific goals and targets – this included soccer players, rugby union players, sprinters and middle distance runners and tri-athletes. I have also trained and provided a former Nutri Grain Iron Woman competitor strength training programmes as well as a former Australian Olympic swimmer and SLSA Aussie finalists

 Personal training of numerous clients. Some of these were purely for the health and fitness benefits of greater cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, others for fat loss and others for general training

 Coaching various school sports to high school students including track and field (mainly sprints and hurdles but included all the track disciplines ~ this of course involved the programming of training sessions) rugby union (including the U16As of an exclusive Private school), rowing, resistance training, cardiovascular training and conditioning, general health and fitness programmes and basketball

 Ski Instructor (Snow) in Ellmau, Austria and Thredbo, Australia

 Former competitive track and field athlete, training with the some of the most elite high performance coaches in Australia and being a member of the top hurdling training group at the time with Olympian, Paralympian and Commonwealth Games Representatives and coached by the Elite High Performance Australian Coach

I have been highly involved in sports, health and fitness as an athlete as well as a coach and instructor all my life.

I have the skill set to coach and train surf and SUP athletes of all ages and from beginners through to advanced surfers to improve their skills and better their performances.

I believe my experience as an athlete at a high level, combined with a vast range of accreditations, qualifications and certificates of attainment allows me to work successfully with a wide range of athlete’s at all different levels and age groups and with a vast spectrum of people and personalities in a wide scope of roles in a vast array of fields.

I have been involved with and coached State, National and International Medallists in a number of age groups from Age to Masters in a variety of sports.

I have a skill set and knowledge in a vast range of supplementary fields including nutrition, stretching, core stability, strength training, massage which greatly benefits athletes I work with.

I believe that my approach to athletes enables a high transfer of understanding and develops a strong relationship to bring out the best of all athletes and assist them to reach their personal potential