Boardriding/SUP Clubs

To assist and facilitate the introduction, development and growth of Boardrider and SUP Clubs, we have Courses and Programs specifically designed for Clubs, Regional/National Organisations and the National Governing Bodies of Surfing/SUP.

The underlying goal of these programs are to increase grass roots participation and provide a pathway for surfers or paddlers to progress in the industry. The main focus is competition and improving competition and competitors. This will lead to an increase in the standard and level of competitors and then the beneficial flow on of improved and more consistent long term results of competitors in national and international competition. The ultimate goal is success at contests like the ISA World Championships for teams and international competitors qualifying for the international tour events (WSL and World Paddle League).

There are many indirect and additional benefits  for the introduction of these programs, which are covered in the courses and Program material

These are courses to train interested parties in starting a Club, starting a Club system or starting and growing the Club Network to

  • increase grass roots participation
  • increase grass roots development and growth
  • increase overall skills and abilities of the surfers or paddlers
  • increase competitors
  • increase the number and quality of competitions
  • increase the level of competitors
  • increase the level of the industry as a whole

This can help build

  • regional teams
  • the pool for national team selections
  • the quality of athlete available for regional and national team selections

These Programs and Courses provide the

  • structure
  • knowledge
  • understanding
  • practical application and
  • practical information

on how to set up, introduce, build and develop these programs from an industry level to a an individual club level