Surfing Wantoks


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The Surfing Wantoks Mission

To assist and build indigenous communities, areas and entire nations by empowering and giving opportunities to individuals, communities and whole regions in the surf industry that have far ranging effects and benefits with the follow on effect benefiting whole communities and entire countries.

Surfing Wantoks came about from travelling to different areas to help coach and mentor surfers and coaches and seeing that one of the major factors holding back surfers from a lot of areas where surfing is only in its infancy was the lack of equipment and lack of access to equipment. From this grew Surfing Wantoks.

To date a vast number of surfboards, surfing equipment, surf craft, surf clothing, surf accessories and other general clothing and equipment has been shipped and donated to various locations and numerous surf programs run.

PNG has been the major beneficiary to date with 2 x 20 foot containers being shipped over on top of other donations being shipped separately. Other locations where donations have been sent include local indigenous communities in Australia as well as the very infant but growing surfing community in India where surfing has taken hold with the large majority of those being involved coming from the fishing communities which represent the lower end of the social scale. It is super exciting to see the opportunities that surfing can provide to these communities and we will assist where we can.